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Time for our county government to start working for us

timeRecently a local waste hauler, United Sanitation Network, inc. along with other partners including Waveco Energy Services, delivered plans for a DEP permit and made requests for a Luzerne County variance to build a industrial waste (frack) fluid disposal and recycling site in Lake Township. Never mind that the application was deficient and misleading in so many ways. Discrepancies from starting up with 30, 20,000 gallon tanks on site to 60 tanks, hours of operation going from 13 hours per day to round the clock 24/7 operations and amateurish methods of collecting toxic spills with buckets, left a lot to be desired.

Kudos to our Luzerne county council for pointing out and expressing strong opposition to the county zoning board, their concerns about the local environment, traffic safety, potential for serious accidents, and how this would negatively affect the quality-of-life for Luzerne county residents.

We elected a county council to make it harder to continue past corrupt county decision-making practices, and they took an oath to protect our health, safety and welfare. Councilman Bobeck was in disagreement with expressing the council reservations to the zoning board, and although he gave his reasons( with which I disagree), he at least presented his rationale for his decision. Mr. Brominski on the other hand, would not agree with counsel to send the letter voicing opposition to the hazardous waste site and gave no valid reason for his stance against this resolution that would help improve the quality of life for Luzerne County residents.

Let’s be honest, drilling, fracking, extraction, transportation and processing of the Marcellus Shale gas with its ancillary industrial facilities such as compressor and dehydration stations, pipelines and toxic waste discharge problems, is a dirty practice with negative environmental and health consequences.  Just ask the people living near the Chapin dehydration station, what negative effects they have experienced both in quality-of-life issues and property value decreases. The chemicals involved in fracking and the waste disposal products are known human carcinogens and have the potential for serious negative health consequences. These industrial facilities should not be allowed near any residential homes, near streams, rivers or wetlands feeding our water supplies nor should they be allowed to spout fumes that degrade our air-quality over the Wyoming Valley. The huge toxic water trucks hauling radioactive, hazardous waste should not be traveling our quaint narrow rural roads alongside our school buses and degrading our roads and bridges. We all pay the price for increased incidence of leukemias and other cancers, neurological problems, and increased asthma and breathing issues with a poorer quality-of-life and higher health costs.

Let’s give thanks to the overwhelming majority of county council members who spoke up to keep these industrial facilities out of Luzerne county and agreed to help safeguard our health and properties. The people of Luzerne county came out to speak at these meetings and the council listened. Let’s put the DEP and the county zoning board on notice that we live in a democracy and the people will decide what we want for our county.




The genesis of Earth Day is credited to Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. After witnessing the ravages of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, he called for an environmental teach-in.  His modest idea grew quickly and on Wednesday, April 22, 1970 the first Earth Day was held.

43 years later, and held in over 140 counties, Earth Day continues to bring real people together to celebrate this amazing planet and more importantly, to work together to save this amazing planet.

Here we are again. Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2013, and the threats to our planet, our lives are even more dire.

We can point to greedy corporations, and blame them.  We can complain about politicians who talk a lot but do little and we can shake our fists at ineffectual government agencies.  But pointing, complaining and shaking fists are not enough.

Around the time of the first Earth Day, there was a saying – If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  It is time to make a choice.  It is time to make a choice to stand up, speak out and be part of the solution, or you can choose to be part of the problem.

When you came here today, you made a choice.   You choose to be a participant of Earth Day.    You choose to stand with others who share the same concerns, the same worries and are seeking the same answers.

This is what is it comes down to – Choice.   What do you choose?

I choose fresh air.    I choose air that flows easily and freely.

What do you choose?

I choose pure water.   I choose water that nourishes the land and all that lives on it.

What do you choose?

I choose a healthy land.   I choose land where life is able to flourish.

What do you choose?

I choose a clean world.  I choose a clean world for myself, for my family, for my town, for my state, for my country, for my world and for the generations yet to come.

And to this end, I choose to make everyday Earth Day.   I choose to be involved, to do what is needed to create a clean world.

Do you want fresh air, pure water, a healthy land and a clean world?  Then choose to make everyday Earth Day.  Find a group in your area, in none exists – start one.   Educate and learn what you can do each and everyday.

The choice is yours.  What do you choose?

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